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Step into the elegance of loft design condos in Singapore, where luxury seamlessly intertwines with innovation, reshaping the allure of urban living. This exploration delves into various appeals of loft apartments, showcasing a diverse range of designs that redefine contemporary living. Each loft style promises a unique blend of design and functionality, spanning from the rugged elegance of industrial chic lofts to the sleek simplicity of modern minimalist designs and the elevated luxury of lofts with breathtaking views.

Our innovative loft design condo in Singapore will elevate your living experience. Explore the different types of loft apartment designs that are redefining modern urban living.

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Types of Loft Apartment Designs

Loft apartments may not suit everyone’s taste, but they offer diverse designs with unique charm and functionality. Let’s explore various loft apartment designs that can transform your home into an elegant and functional haven.

  • Industrial Chic Loft

Loft design in Singapore pays homage to pure elegance with features like exposed brick walls, open ductwork, and expansive windows. This design strikes a balance between the rugged and refined, providing a sense of authenticity to the living area.

The flexibility of living areas is a key feature of this design. It makes it ideal for those who prioritize creativity and adaptability. The open floor plan and minimalistic furnishings allow residents to customize their living space to match their lifestyle.

  • Modern Minimalist Loft

Step into the world of modern minimalist lofts where simplicity meets elegance. This design creates a calm and organized atmosphere with simple lines, neutral colour schemes, and sleek furniture. It is ideal for those who appreciate simplicity without compromising style.

Common features of modern minimalist lofts include large windows and open areas, which emphasize natural light to create an airy ambiance.. Incorporating the outdoors enhances aesthetics and promotes a sense of well-being.

  • Loft with a View

For those seeking the height of luxury, a loft with a view is the perfect choice. Located in tall buildings, these lofts offer breath-taking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside or cityscape. It’s a harmonious blend of sophistication and urban appeal.

Many of these lofts feature balconies or terraces, providing residents with private outdoor spaces to enjoy spectacular views. Imagine sipping a cocktail at sunset or having morning coffee while gazing at the city skyline from your own retreat.

Specifications for Building Lofts in Singapore

  • Furniture Deck and Planning Permits

Planning permits are not required for lofts designed as furniture decks (5 sqm or less) to be used as rest areas. However, only one per unit is permitted.

  • Loft Conversions in Level One Apartments and Condo Penthouses

Condo penthouses and level one units feature high ceilings (at least 4.0 meters), allowing flexible loft conversions for studies, guest rooms, theatres, and storage.

  • Building Materials and Enclosures for Lofts

Lightweight flooring materials, along with mild steel and wood, are commonly used in loft constructions. Recommendations from qualified professionals include handrails, windows, and glass enclosures.

  • Minimum Requirements for Ceiling Height

When designing a loft, there aren’t any hard and fast rules to follow, but we suggest making the ceiling at least 4.5 meters high for better utilization of the space.

  • Application of Lofts in Residential Buildings

Lofts are a versatile addition to living spaces that can be used in both landed properties and condominiums.

  • Expert Loft Consultants

Professional loft specialists brings extensive experience in designing loft-inspired homes that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

Loft Interior Design Firm in Singapore

Lofts are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore due to limitations on floor space. They are elevated spaces located beneath roofs or the upper floors of buildings, providing an innovative solution to maximize vertical living space. Loft conversions or loft apartments are a modern and stylish way of adding an extra room to your residence. The demand for lofts and furniture decks is on the rise, and Monoloft is well-equipped to assist you in crafting a stylish loft for your home. In addition to our diverse portfolio encompassing HDBs, condos, and landed housing projects, Monoloft stands out as a provider of loft interior design in Singapore. Our team comprises specialists with extensive expertise in loft conversions, ensuring the creation of amazing living spaces seamlessly connected by exquisite loft stairs.


The loft ceiling height must not exceed the height of the floor to the base of the loft.

Permits are not needed for lofts designed as furniture decks (5 square metres or less). However, some regulations apply, such as the restriction of one loft per residential unit.