Hunting For That Perfect Interior Design Company in Singapore

Perfect Interior Design Company

Searching for the right interior design company in Singapore is as difficult as trying to string together the first few words to start this article. That’s the bad news. The good news is however, that it’s not impossible.

How do I get started?

It’s neither rocket science. Nor brain surgery. It’s really just a lot of common sense. And more importantly, homework. Miss this crucial step, you will be in for a massive heartache.  After all, how can it not hurt when you are shelling out tens of thousands of your hard-earned savings. It’s certainly worth the effort. A moment of seeming inconvenience can lead to lasting peace of mind.

Alright enough said. Let’s get down to business. Pull out a chair. Get ready a sketch book and pen. Clear your mind of distractions and focus on jotting down the important steps in finding that heaven-sent interior designer company in Singapore.


Chemistry with your interior designer

As with all relationships, don’t force it. If your instincts tell you that he doesn’t share the same design direction, nor does he know how to get there, flee. Tell-tale signs include no matter how many times you patiently explain to him, he just doesn’t get it. One-sided wishful thinking always leads to a bad end. Shorten the misery by heading for the nearest exit.

Protect yourself from the little tricks of some unethical interior designers.

Lay out the details properly in black and white. Is he only charge of putting together your design while you source for your own materials? When is the projected timeline? Are there are penalties if he finished late? Are you able to hold him accountable legally? This is not an all-inclusive list. But these are some of the more common causes for disputes, and you will do well to sort out the terms & conditions from day one.


Managing budget expectations

It’s not just Interior designers in Singapore who are tend to be evasive about the costing, but the homeowners too. Being upfront about how much you can afford for the entire renovation will definitely help the interior designer to come up with a more accurate and realistic quotation.

Apart from that, payment terms should also be clearly defined. Is it in staggered payments as the renovation progresses, or is it another arrangement? Be fair. No homeowner will want to pay too much of a deposit, and no interior designer in Singapore will want to start work if the deposit is too low.  There is no fixed ratio, but mutual flexibility is key to satisfying both sides.

Assurance of workmanship

How do you define if your interior designer has met the expectations laid out? Is warranty included? If it is, how many years is it? More importantly, what does the warranty include? Base nothing on trust, as quality of workmanship is subject to personal interpretations. A well-designed home is the pride of every homeowner, and also a trophy of accomplishment for interior design companies in Singapore. Certainly a win-win outcome.