heights of Interior Design in Singapore

The lengths, breadths and heights of Interior Design in Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of diverse races, interesting cultures and rich traditions. Along with it a myriad of dizzying interior design. And understandably so, where it’s home to ethnic locals, expatriates and those here to seek greener pastures.

With a population of close to 5.7 million and an impressive average income per capita of USD55,000, consumerism is relatively strong given the high propensity of demand for living it up. Typically, new home owners have no qualms in shelling out a fortune to create their very dream home.

According to estimates, the average Singaporean household last year spent an average of SGD30,000 to renovate their new homes. No wonder the interior design industry in Singapore is booming. New interior design companies are popping up all over the Garden City, as it’s affectionately known.

As it stands, there are about 3000 interior design companies in Singapore who offer different styling approaches to meet the discerning tastes of those here in Singapore.

Your Basic Interior Design Singapore Style Guide

Moders interior design in Singapore is characterized by rich fabrics, polished surfaces and strong symmetrical shape. The use of accessories is rare, at most subtle and decorative elements are often kept to a minimum.

Almost similar to MODERN, the CONTEMPORARY look is comfortable and inviting. The clean geometrical shapes are usually neither too dark nor cluttered, with some flirting with a touch of flamboyant colours.

Reduction. Reduction. Reduction. The MINIMALIST look is well, pretty self-explanatory. Less is more. Less is functional. Less is beautiful, although not in the conventional sense. At times, comfort is traded for consistency in overall design.

Other Popular Interior Design Looks In Singapore

There is of course the CLASSIC style. Imagine rich marble. Luxurious velvet. Huge mirrors. Elegance oozes at every turn and corner, further accentuated by typically a hero focal point. One of my favourites.

One of the more popular Singapore interior design (and around the world too), the SCANDINAVIAN style masterfully merges neutral colours, timber floorings and white spaces to create a tasteful look without appearing that they are trying too hard.

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