Is Hiring a Top Interior Designer Firm Worth It or Not?

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Is Hiring a Top Interior Designer Firm Worth It or Not

If you have recently purchased a new house, opted to modify the old structure, or require a new workplace design, you should already know this. Instead of spending days poring design in magazines and websites, many individuals hire professionals and Top ID Firms in Singapore. They will take care of every need, satisfy your unique requirements, and enhance the potential of the existing space.   

Our home is the space where we spend most of our time. So, hiring a professional designer will be a wise decision for designing your space. Whether you have no idea how and where to start decorating your home, this is where an interior designer comes in handy. Interior designers help in planning your new space to give it new life. They will bring your dream home design into reality!

What Actually an Interior Designer Do?

Seafront on Meyer

Featured Project: The Seafront on Meyer / 4 Bedroom Condo / Scandinavian / Monoloft

Interior designers have the expertise to tie all the elements together to create a pleasing appealing space. They will take care of everything from the layout of your home to the placement of furniture and the method materials work together.

Below, we mention some reasons you can expect from your interior designers!

  • Professional Guidance

Before starting the home renovation, they will do a site survey of your house to understand more on the house’s current situation. Then, you will receive a professional assessment to help you build a well-researched plan of action. Interior specialists will set the order of work for your home renovation or makeover.

  • Excellent Resources and Contacts

As we know, some resources are not easily available to the public, but designers can bring those resources. They have access to these special resources and know how to utilise them efficiently.  

Many Top Interior Design Firms Singapore have a list of contacts for every stage of your home design process. All the contacts are reliable and experienced industry contacts. These include:

  1. Contractors
  2. Plumbers
  3. Architects
  4. Electricians

This will save you from the hassle of finding the one who is excellent!

Know the Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer


Featured Project: The  Seafront on Meyer / 4 Bedroom Condo / Scandinavian / Monoloft

Knowing why you should invest in Top Interior Design Firms Singapore is crucial. There are many reasons you should know before hiring one!

  • Money Saving

Many of us think that hiring an interior designer is quite expensive. But with their services, you are actually going to save money. When you are renovating or designing your home, their connections will save you. You will receive the best services from experts at a reasonable price!

  • Time Saving

A professional designer will ensure that your project is completed on time. They will know the best prices, brands, and products to speed up the research phase. The designers determine what needs to be done to achieve your dream project.

  • Trained Eye for Small Details

Every professional designer has a trained eye to spot any mistake. They will spot even a minor mistake in design and handle it proactively. Lighting and furnishing parts are better to handle before starting the renovation. With the help of experts, you don’t need to redo the space because they are highly trained to keep all the small details in mind.

  • Design Exactly What You Want

We all have a visual picture of our ideal home in our minds. An interior designer plays an important role in making your dream a reality. They will know how to bring the best resources and utilise them efficiently in the interior plan. As a result, you will achieve the desired design you are looking for.

Monoloft- Recommended Interior Designer Singapore

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Our Interior Designers

Sustainable architecture, interior design, and experiential design are all part of the expertise offered by Monoloft. Since its establishment in 2007, Monoloft has completed over 500 projects around the country.

We are one of the top ID firms in Singapore that provide an end-to-end service, beginning with site visits and extending through feasibility analyses, contract negotiations, space planning, furniture and fixture design, and construction administration. Given the complexity of the building process, we strive to offer effective project management that shortens the build-out time and lowers the project’s overall cost for our customers.

Every project, no matter how big or little, receives the same level of attention to detail since our mission is to provide homeowners of all financial means with warm, attractive, and functional dwellings.

Stylish and functional, the firm’s interior designs are a product of its pride in its ability to blend creative vision with daily functionality. That’s perfect for those who want a classy environment without giving up practicality.

Monoloft Top ID Firms In Singapore devoted staff of 3D artists and professionals provide detailed 3D visualisation tools. Through a collaborative effort, you’ll arrive at a design that perfectly blends your own needs and suggestions for a really special atmosphere in your home.

Space planning is a priority at this organisation; thus, their layouts are top-notch. A well-planned layout that makes the most of the given area may be quite helpful. Its experts will accommodate your wishes by integrating various components, such as the positioning of furniture.


Now, you know how crucial it is to hire an interior designer for your home. Your investment will be worth it when you see the final result. You only need to find the right designer according to your budget and requirements. If you want to hire a professional one, you can connect with Monoloft. We are one of the top ID firms in Singapore with years of experience and knowledge. Connect with our team to discuss your project!