The Right HDB Renovation Idea Is Everything

The Right HDB Renovation Idea Is Everything

Space-widening styles. Ambience-enhancing colours. Mood-altering fixtures. A stroke of genius or a sudden burst of inspiration if you will. While doses of inspiration cannot be bought off the pharmacy shelves, you can pick the minds of many great interior designers for some truly creative HDB renovation ideas – ideas that will transform dull accommodation into a precious private sanctuary, ideas that inspire your life with an unexplanable joy. You quicken your steps as you get off the car, hurry up the stairs and look forward to coming home every day.

Let The Transformation Begin

Now your kitchen looks sleek and modern, too pretty in fact, you actually feel guilty cooking for fear of messing it up. Now your living room exudes cosy luxury you never previously thought was achievable. And when you enter your bedroom for a good night’s rest, something mysterious happens – you can’t fall asleep, as your eyes excitedly scan and soak in the rush of immense satisfaction. All thanks to your clever interior designer with all his creative HDB renovation ideas.

How Did We Get To This Space-Crunching Situation?

Singapore is known for many things, from a squeaky clean garden city to a mighty financial hub in Asia. What it’s however not known for, is space. And understandably so. After all, it occupies a mere total land area of just 42 square kilometres – from end to end.

With an increasing influx of global foreign talents joining the local workforce, demand for accommodation has exploded in recent years. With skyrocketing housing prices, HDB accommodation is a popular (and obviously more sensible) choice for many, mainly because of how it’s relatively more affordable.

Let’s Get Started

The process of choosing the right interior designer with the right HDB renovation ideas can be daunting. While it takes a leap of faith, we are not asking you to walk on hot coals. A successful HDB renovation requires careful planning. That involves a great amount of homework. So, do the needful. Here’s a helpful tip - get impulse out of your back pocket.

Discover Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas for HDB

Simply a perfect style for HDB units in my reckoning. Think of Scandinavian interior design as a cross-breed between minimalism and over-the-top luxury. Nonetheless, it looks cosy and inviting with mainly rich wooden furniture pieces set against a backdrop of beige walls and timber flooring. A little standing lamp stands beside your coffee table, while a thick white rug adorns the living room. Alright, you get the picture.

HDB Kitchen Design

The ideal kitchen doesn’t have to look just pretty, but functional too.  For example, space for a built-in oven to grill your favourite chicken. A small counter top to cut your tomato and prepare salad. Just because your kitchen doesn’t look anything like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey (too pretentious for my liking), your humble HDB kitchen can still look appetizing, marinated with sweet memories preparing dinner for the kids.

HDB Bedroom Design Ideas

Strangely, some people are actually reluctant to spend too much on bedroom renovation because they feel guests won’t get to check out their bedrooms. Right? Wrong. After all, you spend 8 hours sleeping there (for the lucky few)You should still ensure your bedroom remains reasonably cosy. Read up. Google it. Decide on the HDB bedroom design ideas that best suits your liking. Whatever you do, do NOT  blow your budget. Or you will end with sleepless nights instead of a good night’s rest.

Carefully Consider The HDB Design Options

Unlike this article, there is no delete button for renovation. Once you pay the deposit, and your interior designer has purchased the materials, there’s simply no turning back. Always ensure you get the HDB renovation idea right, one that’s within your budget. An experienced HDB interior designer usually has a strong portfolio of great HDB interior design ideas. Always insist on it. If he doesn’t have one, drop him immediately like a hot potato.

So, weigh your HDB renovation options well. It can literally make the difference between sweet dreams and endless nightmares.