What Makes A Good HDB Kitchen Design

What Makes A Good HDB Kitchen Design

Many things unite Singaporeans, with eating being a common one. Sure, eating out is convenient. But for many including me, nothing beats cooking at home with loved ones. Apart from the select few with a big house, most of us are likely to be cooking out from an HDB kitchen. Hence, it’s really quite important to allocate a bigger budget to HDB kitchen design.  

After all, considering that we spend an average of 2 hours a day in the kitchen, it works out to a whopping 7 years of our life, or 10% of an average lifespan. Naturally, transforming your bare HDB kitchen into a dream kitchen makes a sensible investment.


Recipe for a great dish

So whether it’s whipping up a quick Aglio Olio pasta, slow roasting chicken or baking piping hot muffins, preparing  these dishes in a well-designed kitchen does wonders. Dishes cooked with love and inspiration adds that extra flavor. All for that better-tasting dish.

Country kitchen

If you want your kitchen as traditional as grandma’s Nonya stew, then go for the timeless look of rich Oakwood for those drawers and cabinets. They never go out of style. Understandably, it will cost a little more. So go for other options if you are on a shoestring budget.

Modern kitchen

At times, you can tell a lot about a person’s kitchen design preference by his kind of cooking style. If he goes for elaborate garnishing and pays close attention to the food presentation, it’s likely he goes for squeaky clean modern kitchen with sleek lines, glass, and steel in subdued colours.


Retro kitchen

Retro kitchen would have been a way more popular HDB kitchen design style if only people knew where to source for those hard-to-get kitchen appliances such as a glossy pink refrigerator, bright orange toaster against a checkerboard floor and low-lying rattan chairs. Try Asian online shopping sites to get these items if you absolutely love the good ol’ nostalgic look. Of course, you can always discuss with your interior designer.

Contemporary kitchen

This particular HDB kitchen design style has quite an uncanny way of transforming a HDB flat into a posh condo unit with its clever mix of colours, lines and materials. Throw in a gourmet coffee machine here, an expensive cast-iron stew pot from Germany there. You will be the envy of family friends for your sense of design on Facebook and Instagram.

No-frills kitchen

Just because you didn’t spend 30 thousand to do up your kitchen like your rich neighbor doesn’t mean that you can’t make it look good. There are many creative kitchen design ideas that turn out to be  rather pleasant surprises when it’s completed. In a modern world blessed with all kinds of design softwares, ask for a 3D mockup from your interior designer. Whether you are planning to spend 5 thousand or 50 thousand on your kitchen.

The final look

Together with a good understanding of the ideal kitchen layout, a decent interior designer and a reasonable budget, you will be looking forward to walk into a cozy kitchen everyday – a kitchen that’s designed to your taste, specifications and every whim and fancy.