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Space: 1200 sqft five-room resale flat
Location: 272A Jurong West
Renovation period: 2 months
Home to: A family of four

Residing in one of Jurong West’s flats for more than a decade, Royston and Stephanie, along with their two sons, have experienced their own share of problems living there throughout the years. One that really inconvenienced them was the time when the tiles popped out of the floor, which did not only happen once, but twice. The two separate occurrences prompted them to call the previous renovators for repairs, costing them both time and money, and having to live inside the space during the ongoing repairs was just troublesome.

Together grp pic

But even with the problems that came along the way, that didn’t drive the family to go look for a new place. They do not want to go through the extensive process of flat hunting all over again, and they have long been accustomed to their own flat in Jurong West. So what the couple had decided on was to go for a major renovation and transform their home into a Modern Contemporary setting.

They also want to incorporate oriental elements to the design because of Royston’s collection of China teaware. The assortment of teaware he had accumulated are all exquisite and antique, even, that he wants it to be the focal point of his home where it is put in display. Adequate amount of storage for his prized collection is a must, and subtle oriental details in the interior design itself is what he had in mind for his Jurong West home.

Entryway A
Entryway B
Entryway C
Entryway D
1 Entryway E

Entryway area

Upon entry, a full-height, octagonal display cabinet takes up the foyer. The shape itself is distinctly oriental, housing Royston’s teaware on wide shelves where each item has its own compartment, standing out against the white marble laminated base and more emphasized by the LED lights positioned above. The red-sand laminated cabinet with gold trimmings on the side further gives the collection a luxurious feel, one that spoke of elegance and sophistication.

Not only does the cabinet serve as a storage, but it also conceals the otherwise plain-looking bomb shelter door from view.
The cabinet’s carcass is laminated with Jennings Laminate P2322HG, while the back panels are of Jennings Laminate PG2823HG.

2 Dining room B
2 Dining room C

Dining area

Going further into the space, the cabinets lead to a bronze mirror that bears the same shade, providing a smooth transition from the entryway to the dining area. The four-paneled reflective surfaces are all symmetrical in size, with gold trimmings laid in between, stretching all the way to the ceiling and it gives the illusion of a much bigger space. In addition to that, it also serves as a decorative wall— like a simplistic and modern element in lieu of the four seasons painting that is common in oriental households.

Matching the elegance of the wall, a rectangular table with a pair of gold-finished legs clearly blends with the overall theme of the design, and the four modern chairs balance everything together.

3 Living Room C
3 Living Room B

Living Room

To separate the living area from the dining, a black ottoman divides the two areas and the bronze mirror gave way to the textured light gray wallpaper. It is easy on the eyes and it provides a calm and restful atmosphere, which is also made possible by the floor to ceiling windows that are draped in a mauve, sheer curtain. The TV cabinets are white, sporting gold handles and legs similar to the dining table’s. A black leather sofa sits on the opposite wall, where a three-piece framed artwork is hung above it. The equal use of both contemporary furniture and the minute, gold details go hand in hand together in producing a Modern Oriental feel.

4 common toilet A
4 common toilet

Common bathroom

For the common bathroom, two different colors of marble are used to show the distinction between two areas; Light gray marble tiles cover one side, and a much darker shade of marble tiles cover the shower area. The white, floating vanity in Season Stone Quartz goes well with the light gray tiles, and the bathroom is made more stylish by the use of a rectangular mirror with LED light. The contrast in both marble tiles exudes an expensive feel and it is both aesthetically appealing as the other, providing balance in the design where elegance is the first and foremost.

5 Masterbed room B
5 Masterbed room c

Master bedroom

And of course, Royston and Stephanie’s master bedroom is treated with the same luxury as well. A queen-size bed sits in between two dark panels lined with gold trimmings, both of which have LED lights on the sides, providing a cozy ambience inside the room while also making the wall stand out. Then, to further provide accent lighting, two night lamps are installed to make nighttime reading possible before the couple drifts into sleep. On the right side of the room, the existing wardrobe is still in good condition, so we suggested enhancing the cabinet doors by laminating it with a gray, smooth finish, and adding two rows of gray tinted mirrors to make the room seem bigger than it is. 

The color scheme flows continuously from the living and dining areas, all the way to the master bedroom, which creates a harmonious feel throughout the space. Details are carefully chosen so a cohesive design is apparent to anyone who steps foot inside Royston and Stephanie’s home.

6 Masterbed Bath A
6 Masterbed Bath B
6 Masterbed Bath C
6 Masterbed Bath E

Master bathroom                                                                                     

Just like the common bathroom, the master’s bathroom also uses two different colors of marble. The mirror with LED light is of the same size as the custom-made vanity table, which has a storage underneath for the couple’s bath essentials. The cabinetry is laminated with a dark gray color, its texture complementing the smooth, light gray tiles on the surrounding walls. The combination of the neutral tones in the bathroom further accentuates the home’s Modern Oriental design.

7 Kitchen C
7 Kitchen D