Characterized by exceptional simplicity of form and function

IT manager Sean and his HR executive wife Bee Keow decided to make one of the greatest switch in their lives. As Bee Keow’s mother resides in Woodlands, it was a smart choice for the couple to move in the same residential area. Fortunately, the couple managed to bid for a BTO flat; after waiting for two years and a half, their new home is finally ready for them to dwell in.

Size of Home: 5-bedroom BTO Flat
Renovation Period: 2 months
Location: 890A Woodlands, Tree Trail
Home to: 3 Adults

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A lover of fuss-free lifestyle, Sean requested us to design a minimalist home that will accommodate all their needs. He emphasizes on less clutter, less carpentry. Thus, our goal was to create a versatile atmosphere that can conveniently meld installations and furnishings in the future.

Taking his requirements in mind, we have selected an easy, masculine theme and a grey palette to go with it. The cool tones are offset by the warm wooden textures in the furnishings. At first, Sean and Bee Keow wanted a concrete, raw finishing for the floor; however, they were concerned about preserving the natural crack lines of the material. We proposed to use grey concrete floor tiles instead. These tiles emulate the same feel of concrete but are easier to upkeep.

We love the monochromatic palette and the versatile atmosphere created,
that can conveniently meld installations and furnishings in the future.

Sean Tan, Homeowner
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Due to the nature of their work, Bee Keow’ mother presides over the kitchen, but the two ladies bond together over cooking during the weekends. Wanting to please them, Sean asked us to build a spacious kitchen that is effortless to clean and organize. In response to that, we have created a roomy cooking area embellished with wood cabinets topped with Engineered Quartz. To make it accessible, we customized a kitchen sliding door handsomely framed in black aluminium.

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To keep the overall look, we streamlined the palettes throughout the whole area. The bedrooms were reconfigured to be more spacious after hacking down the walls in Bedroom 2. As for the bathrooms, we incorporated glass, wood, and whites to break the hardness of the concrete. By accessorizing with plants and wall graphics, the family can enjoy a nice pop of colour in their decor.

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