Classic Monotone Interior Design Kitchen Top in Pink

Classic Monotone with a Recurring Splash of Colours

Personal Assistant Angela Goh celebrated a milestone by purchasing a 48-year-old flat at Marine Crescent. This location suited her well; it offered a breezy transport to her 8-year-old daughter’s school, as well as her office. To match the lifestyle of a working mum, Angela requested for a home that is simple, functional and easy to maintain. We decided to go for a modern industrial take in her spacious 3-room flat made for two people.

Size of Home: 3 Room HDB Resale
Renovation Period: 2 months
Location: 32 Marine Crescent
Home to: 1 Adult, 1 Child

Classic Monotone Interior Design Living Room View
Classic Monotone Interior Design Shoe Cabinet with Stripes

Among our solutions is the use of 5mm interlocking vinyl tiles as flooring overlay instead of the quick-to-crack concrete. For the palette, we chose the classic monotone with a recurring splash of colours to balance off the stringent, masculine décor. Since her daughter loves pink, we stuck to this hue and it created a bright, youthful energy against the black-and-white motif.

Classic Monotone Interior Design Dining Area Full View
Classic Monotone Interior Design Laundry Area with Washing Machine and Fridge
Classic Monotone Interior Design Kitchen Top in Pink
Classic Monotone Interior Design Kitchen Top with Wares

Joseph was very attentive to my renovation needs and always patient with my last min changes or requests.

Angela, Homeowner

One of her must-haves is an unobtrusive storage in the living room. This we fulfilled by crafting an upholstery vinyl banquette that also doubles as a plywood laminated shoe cabinet. As for the dining room, we constructed an open kitchen to satisfy Angela's desires of having a roomy place to cook. A clear tempered glass was installed as a divider to create distinctive spaces without hindering the light. The cabinetry is made from solid plywood added with BLUM soft closing for safety precaution. We topped the décor off with a self-stick-on 5mm PIVOT wall tile overlay.

Classic Monotone Interior Design Washroom Double Entrance View
Classic Monotone Interior Design Washroom Full View

This same wall treatment was done in the shower area and the toilet. Old tiles were hacked, then redone with water-proof floor tiles before we added the stylish white ceramic sink and toilet.

Classic Monotone Interior Design Pink Bedroom with Spot Lights
Classic Monotone Interior Design Bedroom Side View

Structured black track lights and bright pink cabinetry made the bedrooms more feminine but modern. In the master’s bedroom, the pièce de résistance was the bed, crowned with a red cushioned headboard and an angled side table. The other bedroom was given the same minimalist treatment; we only switched the bed with a narrower variant and a higher headboard to give an illusion of more space.

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