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Embracing Serenity With A Simple Scandinavian Home

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Every home should brim with inherent serenity and comfort, as it is the place where people come to relax and spend their most private moments. That’s exactly what the retired couple who own this executive HDB flat wanted. They wanted a modern yet understated abode where they could reside comfortably with their son, daughter, and helper.

The Scandinavian style is perfect for emulating that coveted tranquillity within any space while maintaining a neat, clean, and highly congenial environment. That’s the concept behind this home – it has been elegantly articulated in a minimalist Scandinavian rendition with undercurrents of trendy modernity. The light, nature-oriented ambience immediately puts the senses at ease and makes this home feel like a restful haven.

Space: 1500 sqft EA resale flat
Location: 856B Tampines Street 82
Renovation period: 4 months
Home to: A family of four

We’re absolutely thrilled about how neat and pulled together the entire home looks. The lighting and elegant materials really add to the whole space

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The entrance of every home is important because it needs to be the perfect blend of welcoming yet functional. We all have our own home entrance rituals, and the interior design should reflect that part of our lifestyles. For this couple, we designed full-height shoe cabinets using the same colour tone and finishing as the living room, so that there could be a sense of continuation between the spaces.

Moreover, the warm wooden accents of the cabinet instantly evoke a welcoming appeal, ensuring that everyone that enters immediately feels invited.





Living Room
Simple, stylish, and serene were the three “S’s” that we worked with while designing this HDB living room.

Here, the biggest challenge was to introduce Oriental elements that Mr. Ang wanted to emulate in the feature wall in order to highlight his antique collection. Since the basic theme was the Scandinavian style, we also had to keep things minimalist. In the end, we went for an asymmetric shelf design inspired by traditional Chinese motifs. These stylized designs are beautifully articulated and Mr. Ang was completely satisfied with the results.

Other than that, the customized feature wall that spans the wide living area is another beautiful feature of the whole living room. It is accentuated by backlit horizontal shelves and transitions into a light grey, beautifully textured media wall. The careful play of neutral colours and gold lighting in this particular feature really adds a sophisticated personality to the entire ambience. Moreover, the colour contrast between the shelves and cabinet facade also evokes a subtle charisma that elevates the overall atmosphere brilliantly.





Mrs. Ang is a passionate cook and she was the one who dictated the design of the kitchen. Instead of going for the typical open-floor concoction, she wanted a closed-off kitchen in order to keep all the cooking fumes inside. She also wanted plenty of storage to keep the ubiquitous clutter out of sight.

We responded by curating a closed kitchen with a large door and a window opening on one wall in order to keep the space from feeling too cramped. With a backdrop of snowy whites, the kitchen cabinets were selected in the same earthy tones as the living room to maintain the aesthetic flow of the house. The upper cabinets were designed to touch the ceiling in order to maximize the storage space to its fullest.

The colour scheme was articulated in a beautiful gradient, with the floors being the darkest and the top cabinets being the lightest in colours. This also helps alleviate the sense of smallness from the space and makes it feel bright and airy instead.






Master Bedroom
The public spaces of the Ang apartment were done in light, understated neutral tones, but the bedroom needed a cosier zest, which is why our designer, Joseph went for a darker theme. Most of the master bedroom has been done in slate grey accents that are set against a backdrop of white and woods. The contrast of the light and dark colour scheme really adds an extra oomph to the entire space.

Next to the colour scheme, the master bedroom is also chock full of functional details that make it a joy to inhabit. From the custom-crafted work desk that substitutes as a home office to full-height wardrobes and under-window cabinets, this room is designed to be restful, beautiful, and practical at the same time.



In completely solidarity with the rest of the HDB neutral colour theme, the bathroom has also been designed in woods and greys with white accents in the form of fixtures. The overall outlook is sleek, modern, and minimalist, which goes in accordance with the rest of the theme.