5-Room Resale

5-Room Resale Flat in Monochromatic Style Full of Personality!

After carefully listening and discussing the wants and needs of this flat’s new homeowners, we decided to keep some of the existing features of the home while implementing a monochrome rustic contemporary design. Our designer, Joseph, successfully maintained some of the furnishings left behind by the previous homeowners, while creating a breathtaking monochromatic interior. Located in the bustling urban hotspot of Punggol Place, this 5-bedroom flat is in top condition and features an abundance of storage space that the new homeowners knew they wanted to keep.

The open floor plan of the flat allows for plenty of natural light to illuminate the primarily white interior, creating an extremely spacious layout. The flat features an amazing customized wall-mounted cabinet area that offers plenty of storage space, while sticking with the rustic accents and minimalist interior design.

Homeowners : Jeremy & Christine
House Type: 5-bedroom Resale HDB
Renovation Period: 2 months
Location: 247C Punggol Place

The home renovation was delivered on time, within our budget and surpassed our expectations.

Jeremy Ng, Homeowner
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Monoloft: What is your main concern when renovating your home?
Jeremy: When we first bought this apartment, there are some unique features/fixtures from the previous owners that was appealing but we do have some ideas of my own as well. Hence the main concern/challenge was to seamlessly and creatively fuse my design with some of the existing furnishing

Monoloft: What were you looking to achieve in the kitchen?
Jeremy: User experience is the utmost important aspect when it comes to kitchen (and the cabinets) design layout therefore we decide to co-work with Joseph to re-design & customize it. In addition, we are also trying to address how we can have storage space but yet don’t look too cluttered (i.e. too many cabinets)

Monoloft: What was your brief to Joseph?
Jeremy: My initial brief to Joseph was to re-design the apartment in order to project a brand new look while retaining the existing fixtures we wanted.

Monoloft: Is there a specific theme/requirements you had in mind?
Jeremy: Our theme was actually very simple. Modern living based on basic colours (black, white & grey)

Monoloft: What gets priority in your home?
Jeremy: My wife likes to cook hence Kitchen is the priority for me. And as the saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”

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Monoloft: Which part of the home inspires you the most and what’s your favourite space?
Jeremy: My personal favourite was the customized wall-mounted cabinet in the living room not just because it was a joint-effort with Joseph during the design phase but it is able to solve our concern of the lack of storage yet not looking cluttered.

Monoloft: What do you feel is the most unique feature in your home?
Jeremy: The Wall-mounted Cabinet still takes the cake.

Monoloft: How did you find the renovation process?
Jeremy: The renovation process was very unexpected. It was smooth and worry-free unlike what I have heard from friends who had done their renovation recently where they need to dedicate a lot of time to personally supervised

Monoloft: Would you recommend Monoloft and your interior designer to other homeowners?
Jeremy: That’s for sure. Joseph and his team were extremely professional from the early designs right through to their attention to detail in the final scheme. The home renovation was delivered on time, within our budget and surpassed our expectations.

Punggol Dining Area 1
Punggol Dining Area 2

Dining Area

The white walls create a light and open atmosphere that the homeowners may look forward to for every home meal. The homeowners decided to use the gorgeous cabinet space next to the dining area as a bar, ideal for entertaining company.
The luxurious white dining table is supported by black shelves, with black chairs complimenting the white perfectly and adding a level of sophistication to the space.

Punggol Living Area 1
Punggol Living Area 2

Living Area

Near to the dining area, the large grey sofa goes perfectly well with the flat’s monochrome color scheme. The windows and high ceilings create a pleasant space for the homeowners to lounge in while enjoying the state-of-the-art flat screen mounted on the wall.

Punggol Kitchen 1
Punggol Kitchen 2
Punggol Kitchen
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We decided to take a detour from the primarily lighter colors and design the kitchen with sophisticated all-black cabinets and countertops. The microwave is built-in to the black cabinets, a luxurious accent that avoids unnecessarily cluttering the spacious counter with appliances.

Punggol common toilet 1
Punggol common toilet 2

Common Bathroom

The combination of rustic and contemporary is masterfully achieved in the common bathroom through the black marble sink area and the more rustic walls. The shelves surrounding the mirror area offer plenty of space for storing toiletries and bathroom items. The gorgeous shower is made entirely of glass, a feature we knew would make the bathroom appear even more spacious.

Punggol Masterbed room 1
Punggol Masterbed room 2
Interior Design Scandinavian
Punggol Masterbed room 4

Master Bathroom

The previous homeowners left behind a wooden plank divider between the master bedroom and the master bathroom. Joseph listened carefully to the new homeowners’ wants and concerns regarding their budget and provided a clever solution to avoid unnecessary dismantling.

The wooden plank offers a tad more privacy for the master bedroom area, while still complimenting the rustic theme of the flat. The master bathroom mimics that of the common bathroom, with the same luxurious black marble sink area and all-glass walk-in shower.