Greys, Browns and Gentlemanly

Greys, Browns and Gentlemanly Elements Incorporated in a Classy Industrial Pad

Financial Adviser Benedict fell in-love with the 3-bedroom condominium at The Clement Canopy. He immediately has a vision for it. The breadth of the space and number of rooms make it a family-ready home whenever he decides to settle down. Since he's not at that status yet, as Benedict is enjoying his bachelorhood, he wants to utilize the airiness of the space for his creative undertakings. His request: an open-spaced room with well-defined areas for living and dining, with more emphasis on the entertainment corner.

Homeowner : Benedict
House Type: 3-bedroom condominium
Renovation Period: 4 weeks
Location: The Clement Canopy

When they explained the design theme to me, I never imagined how the ideas would pan out, but everything turned out amazingly and I loved how spacious my living room is.

Benedict, Homeowner

With emphasis on versatility and masculine elegance, we conceptualized an interior theme to fit Benedict's present and future needs. The colour palette is inspired from a modern gentleman's den—greys, black, and the glistening texture of metallic brass, popping against the vibrant wood finishing. This aesthetic is made to match a better flow of space, from the entryway to the balcony, without obstruction.

The door opens to a bright entryway that leads straight to the dining space. The dual-coloured blinds make a statement, while the LED-lit crevices create a stunning pattern inside the narrow hall. We had a custom-made full-height cabinet storage space at the dining area, making the pantry section easily organized.


Guests can immediately find their place in the tall stools perched on the compact bar. The silver appliances' silver finishing makes a great contrast against the brown and wood palette.

A stop to the dining room leads to the open-spaced living room—a pure bachelor's indulgence decked with the moody palettes of black and leather. Dark wood panelling is used to segregate the living from the dining space. We incorporated LED lighting in the ceiling and around the feature wall, a protruding console that gives architectural gravitas to the space. The television is set against it, creating a textural play of glass and wood. We chose this design instead of a traditional wall; this gives the room a serene depth. A tinted mirror echoes the hint of black, adding more to the masculine appeal of the space.

Greys, Browns and Gentlemanly

The ceiling is concealed with LED lights, somehow inspiring a future-forward space amidst the traditional materials. One couldn't miss out the glassy door of the balcony which immediately gives a peek of the vibrant city outside. At daytime, natural light floods into the room, giving it a sleek and timeless appeal. At night, the LED lights beam from the lines and create a classic warm tone inside the undeniably masculine space.

The renovation took 4 weeks, complete with customized storage, concrete sceeding and LED ceiling inlays. “When they explained the design theme to me, I never imagined how the ideas would pan out,” shared Benedict, “but everything turned out amazingly. I loved how spacious my living room is.” Everything in this apartment reflects Benedict’s personal taste.